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Formed, in 2018 from the, still smouldering, ashes of Beliefspace Studio.

Agent Audio is a trio of Content Creators who are passionate about Music, Video, and Education.

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“Check 1,2; Check 1,2; Is this thing on? 1,2 was a racehorse and 1,1 was one too 1,1 won one race and 1,2 won one too!”

At Agent Audio we create content, you know the little slips of paper you get, in festive crackers, with jokes on them … and, less often, facts?
Well we, kinda, do that, only for audio and in higher quality and, often, using video.  Which reminds us…

How many Sound Engineers does it take to make a video tutorial?  Let’s find out.

” Music is what feelings sound like. “

Bo Bennett

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Microphone Collection

We've been making some changes at Agent Audio HQ recently, amongst them, updating our Microphone Collection. The most recent additions to the collection are the Northern Electric 633A "Salt Shaker", often badged under Altec or Western Electric, and the STC 4021c "Ball...

Beyerdynamic M260 N Repair

We have just acquired a classic ribbon microphone in the form of the Beyrdynamic M260 N circa 1965.  The seller said it was rattling and might not work so, personally, I wasn't holding out much hope.  This is an interesting microphone in that it's polar pick-up...

Systems Integration (Part 3)

The second episode in Systems Integration: XLR Patching.The studio has four wall boxes, only two of which are in the same room.  I wanted to create an effective way of getting these wall boxes  to the sixteen mic pre's in the console, so I opted for an XLR patchbay,...

who we are

Stuart Welsh

Stuart Welsh

Stu has been teaching Music Technology since 2002 at dBs Music where he is currently a degree Course Leader. He is an Avid Certified Expert Instructor in Pro Tools and holds a Masters Degree in Computer Music.
Jon Bishop

Jon Bishop

Jon is a keen guitar player with impeccable taste. Jon works with Rich to as a content creater, production manager, develop marketing strategies

Rich Silverwood

Rich Silverwood

Although not a Rich has been a keen songwriter and musician for over twenty years, developing a good ear for sound. Rich is a man of many talents, being our resident filmmaker, scriptwriter, and marketer.

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