With over 20 years of Industry Experience, Agent Audio delivers quality audio education and consultancy services.

Recording Studio & Audio Services.

Here you will find information about our studio set-up; a digital studio with an anlogue heart. We also offer Studio Design planning in the the from of expert consultancy in the fields of Audio Systems Intergation and Acoustic Design and Planning.

Going Underground

Agent Audio private studios are located in the home of our resident audio guru, Stu Welsh.  Formely a commercial space, the studio is currently being revamped to a high specification.

Digital Audio with an Analogue Heart

Although digital audio is the most efficient recording system, we still like to bring a peice of analogue “magic” to the mix whether it’s using our extensive experience with tape machines; running a Space Echo or Spring Reverb; or summing in the analogue domain.

Audio Systems Integration

We love to design audio (and video) systems and can provide clients with high quality plans, advice on how everything works and wires togther.  From simple laptop based set-up to complex integration of large format consoles and outboard.

Studio Design & Acoustics

Consultancy is available on all sorts of acosutics projects from planing simple acoustic baffles to sound treating a variety of space.  We have consulted on a number of studios and rehearsal rooms.

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