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Sound Engineers EDC

EDC is a term used by Survivalists and Preppers, it means Every Day Carry.  EDC can just be the thing you carry on you each day - sunglasses, wallet, keys, etc.  However, it can also mean a prepared kit of useful tools and objects.  With this in mind, I...

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Beyerdynamic M260 N Repair

We have just acquired a classic ribbon microphone in the form of the Beyrdynamic M260 N circa 1965.  The seller said it was rattling and might not work so, personally, I wasn't holding out much hope.  This is an interesting microphone in that it's polar pick-up...

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Systems Integration (Part 3)

The second episode in Systems Integration: XLR Patching.The studio has four wall boxes, only two of which are in the same room.  I wanted to create an effective way of getting these wall boxes  to the sixteen mic pre's in the console, so I opted for an XLR patchbay,...

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Systems Integration (Part 2)

There comes a time in every studio owners life when s/he has to face the prospect of wiring four (often lots more) 96 point patchbays!  The main decision is whether to do this yourself or get a decent wire-person to do it.I opted for the former so, for most of this...

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